4 Fun, Promo, SUN BEAM 2016

Come join us for the PARTY!

HELLOOO, mates. We have some good news for you: wait for it… this year SUN BEAM is about to have a PROPER party! Woop woop 😀

We know we know, we weren’t too good at this last couple of years. But a real good beach ultimate tournament has to have a party, right? So we will give you a PARTY! Better make sure you won’t miss it. Why…?


To start with – who would want to miss a party organized exclusivelly for our amazing Ultimate family? We will dance and sing, butterflies will fly in your stomach and everywhere around, the best mood is guaranteed, tons of smiles, drinks, jokes, laughter and so on and on and on. Dayyyum, don’t you dare to even think of not coming!

Another thing – the party will be hosted by one of the most likable places in town – the bar Kaštonas (ChestNut). Check them out on FB – https://www.facebook.com/Kastonas. Looks nice, right? We knew you guys will like it 🙂

And what about the party itself? We promissed you some intense competition on as well as off the field in SUN BEAM 2016. So here you go – you’ll get a chance to beat your opponents not only in Ultimate, but in partying as well. We are not telling the details yet, but you can start getting ready for some intense competition in beer race games. Viva la Bière!


The only important thing you need to have in mind is that we will ask teams to register prior to the event. Other than that – inform your mates and prepare to have one hell of a night. Because sleep is for the weak!


See you all in SUN BEAM 2016!

Much ♡,

your SUN BEAM team.

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