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Ultimeito pristatymas Kultūros Fabriko vasaros terasoje

Mariu Meskos Klaipedos Kultoros fabrikasMarių meškos kartu su Kultūros Fabriku (KF) suorganizavo ultimeito pristatymą (rugpjūčio 5 d.) ir parodomąsias rungtynes priešais KF esančioje vasaros terasoje – smėlio aikštelėje.

Susidomėjusių miestiečių ir miesto svečių atvyko neperdaugiausiai, tačiau jie džiausmingai stebėjo žaidimą, palaikė savo favoritus, na o meškoms tai buvo smagi popietinė treniruotė.

Ačiū Klaipėdos Kultūros Fabrikui už galimybę.

4 Fun, Promo, SUN BEAM 2016

Come join us for the PARTY!

HELLOOO, mates. We have some good news for you: wait for it… this year SUN BEAM is about to have a PROPER party! Woop woop 😀

We know we know, we weren’t too good at this last couple of years. But a real good beach ultimate tournament has to have a party, right? So we will give you a PARTY! Better make sure you won’t miss it. Why…?


To start with – who would want to miss a party organized exclusivelly for our amazing Ultimate family? We will dance and sing, butterflies will fly in your stomach and everywhere around, the best mood is guaranteed, tons of smiles, drinks, jokes, laughter and so on and on and on. Dayyyum, don’t you dare to even think of not coming!

Another thing – the party will be hosted by one of the most likable places in town – the bar Kaštonas (ChestNut). Check them out on FB – https://www.facebook.com/Kastonas. Looks nice, right? We knew you guys will like it 🙂

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Beach ultimate, Promo, SUN BEAM 2016

Why to celebrate your ULTIMATE life in SUN BEAM’16 this year?

“SUN BEAM” is an annual beach Ultimate tournament taking place on probably the most beautiful Baltic sea coast – the coast of the Curonian Spit. This year the Ultimate club “Marių meškos” will be organizing “SUN BEAM” for the sixth time, making it the biggest tournament in Lithuania at the time being. No surprise why most of Lithuanian Ultimate frisbee teams will be there on 16th – 17th of July. And today we are talking with the main organizer of the “SUN BEAM” – Artūras Petrauskas – in order to know, why is it worth to go to this tournament again this year.

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Is ithere something in particular that you’d like to start with?

I want to start with a counter-question to you. Why would one not want to come to the „SUN BEAM“ beach tournament in Smiltyne?? Tournament is not expensive, the beach is fabulous, people are beautiful, life’s a beach – I don’t see a reason not to join us, do you?

Honestly, I don’t, I love this place, but could you uncover something about the „SUN BEAM’16“? What about your new slogan – “Life’s a BEACH”, does it have any particular idea behind it?

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