How can we come to Lithuania?
Probably the most popular low cost flights companies Ryanair and Wizzair flies to Kaunas airport KUN, Vilnius international airport VNO and  even to Palanga airport PLQ, which is just 37 km away from the FIELDS!!
Riga is bigger air route hub, so if you find suitable flight to Riga airport (RIX) you also may consider grabbing that one!
By the way, there is international ferry connection between Germany, Kiel to Klaipėda and Sweeden, Karlshamn. More info about ferries www.dfdsseaways.lt

How far is Klaipėda from Vilnius, Riga, Kaunas?
Vilnius 306 km, Riga 306 km, Kaunas 217 km., Palanga ~35 km.

Public domestic buses/trains?
If you are using public transport, check the Lithuanian railways web site and Lithuanian Bus schedule web site

How far is the local railways/bus station from the fields?
From stations to the ferry: take bus #8 and leave bus at third bus stop from there (“Atgimimo st.”). Here you will switch bus to #9. Fifth bus stop from there (“II Perkėlos st.”) is the right place to leave bus and take short stroll to the ferry (approximately 2-3 minutes walking)
Ferry: during summer season ferries are going quite often to Curonian Spit It takes ~5-10 minutes to cross-over with ferry (www.keltas.lt)
From ferry to fields: when you already on the Curonian Spit, continue going on the sidewalk (on the right), next to the car route. Distance to the fields are  2 km, so you can take a walk or a little warm up jog up and down the hill 🙂

At what time does tournament end on Sunday?
Closing ceremony is expected to take place about ~18.00 (6.00 PM).

Can we order lunch or any other food and beverage on the fields?
Lunch: Yes! Lunch menus will be sent about 2 weeks before event to team captains so you can order proper meal.
Water: Each team will receive 10 liters of fresh water daily (stay hydrated!).
Snacks/drinks: You can purchase some snacks at the place, but we recommend you to buy it from the city.

Tournament timetable?
Saturday and Sunday: games all through the day
Last games will be played Sunday. Final games should start ~16:00.

How many players does a team consist of?
Five on the field: a roster of at least 8 people is highly recommended

How many games each team will play during tournament?
Four to seven.

Size the fields?
Official size fields for 5 x 5 play BULA (Beach Ultimate Lovers Association)
75 x 25 meters. End zones are 15 meters long.

How about mixed division? How many women there should be on the filed?
2 men, 2 women and the offense decides if the 5th person, is a man or a woman.

Can we sleep in the tents on the beach?
We’re afraid but this is illegal and you could get in trouble for doing that. Curonian Spit is one big national park with it’s own laws, please respect them.

How many Beach Ultimate lovers will join the event?
We are aiming to gather about 300! (like in the movie 🙂 )

How is the weather like in Klaipėda in July?
average 24-hr temperature: 17.9 °C

average maximum temperature: 19.9 °C
average minimum temperature: 14.6 °C

Please, write a comment, contact us directly on Facebook or email us (sunbeamklaipeda@gmail.com) for further questions


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